XVELA to host 68th SMDG Meeting in Hamburg, October 4-5, 2016

On October 4-5, 2016, XVELA will host the 68th biannual SMDG Meeting at the Steigenberger Hotel in the heart of Hamburg.

SMDG is a non-profit foundation, run by and on behalf of companies and organizations working in the maritime industry, such as container terminals, ocean carriers and related companies and organizations. SMDG develops and promotes UN/EDIFACT EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) messages for the Maritime Industry and is an official Pan European User Group, recognized by the UN/EDIFACT Board.

Day One of the SMDG meeting (Oct. 4) will consist of subgroup meetings focusing on technical EDI message details, while the plenary meeting will take place on Day Two (Oct. 5). Plenary SMDG meetings are typically attended by 30-40 members representing diverse maritime companies and organizations. Topics discussed in the meetings include experiences with EDI messages, network services and costs, interchange agreements, and development work on messages in the maritime business.

A special meeting will be held on Day Three (Oct. 6) to discuss initial feedback on the rollout of the SOLAS VGM container rule, which went into effect on July 1, 2016, including views from shippers, carriers and terminals. The Day Three meeting will also include discussions on the current state of the industry, in particular the ongoing need for collaboration and data sharing & standardization for improved port productivity.

The meeting is open to all SMDG members. Current SMDG members can register for the 68th SMDG Meeting here. Companies and individuals interested in joining the SMDG can learn more about membership here.

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