XVELA Launches to Revolutionize Collaboration, Visibility Between Ocean Carriers & Terminal Operators

Designed to Solve Port Productivity Limitations, XVELA’s Cloud-based Platform Will Provide Real-Time Insights to Improve Vessel Stowage Communication, Planning & Execution

Oakland, CA—November 18, 2014—The introduction of mega vessels and carrier alliances has resulted in unprecedented pressure to move ships and cargo faster than ever before.

Yet, the ability to improve productivity remains stalled by siloed systems, inefficient data exchanges, limited visibility and a lack of communication between carriers and terminal operators. In response to this growing market need, XVELA, a Navis company and cloud-based vessel stowage collaboration platform for ocean carriers and terminal operators, today announced its launch.

“Leadership in ocean shipping is challenging when a complex network of companies and individuals are involved in the movement of containers. Without connected systems and shared visibility, wasteful time buffers are built in to vessel stowage planning to compensate for a lack of insight and control,” said Chris Mazza, vice president and chief customer officer, XVELA. “There’s a better way to connect and share information that will ultimately move the needle for all in the industry—through cloud technology.”

XVELA intends to break down traditional communications barriers between carriers and container terminals, enhancing collaboration and vastly improving the planning and execution of critical vessel stowage operations. Building from its roots in Navis PowerStow, the industry’s leading solution for container stowage coordination among global carriers, XVELA will drive industry transformation through a new cloud-based collaboration platform—consisting of proprietary applications, tools and analytics—enabling users to share data in real-time to gain critical efficiencies, reduce waste and increase productivity and revenue.

“Recognizing this very real market demand, we knew that PowerStow was part of the solution, but was only scratching the surface of its potential in its current form,” said Manuel Perez, product director, XVELA. “Taking this product to the next level for carriers and terminal operators requires an all-star team of experts solely dedicated to developing, tuning and innovating the technology with future needs in mind. That’s exactly what we’ve done with XVELA, and the response from carriers to date could not be more promising.”

XVELA is led by several shipping industry veterans with deep experience in carrier and port operations, logistics and technology. Chris Mazza, a former executive at International Asset Systems, is responsible for commercial development. Manuel Perez, former IT solutions developer for Maersk Line, joins XVELA as product director, and will oversee product development for the company. Lastly, Robert Inchausti, CTO of XVELA, will lead technology innovation efforts. While XVELA will operate as an independent entity, Navis President and CEO Bill Walsh will provide executive oversight and advisement for the company.

XVELA’s products will be delivered in two phases. First, the company will enhance and innovate PowerStow based on existing user needs. Following, the company will rollout its cloud-based platform throughout 2015, and will manage migrations for existing PowerStow customers, as well as assist in implementations for new users. XVELA will also provide education, services and support to ensure customers are getting the most from their vessel stowage technology investments.

Carriers and terminal operators can learn more about XVELA at Navis World 2015. To register for the event, please visit: http://navisworld.navis.com/.


Ocean carriers and terminal operators know that efficiencies can be gained, waste eliminated and revenue increased through better collaboration on vessel stowage planning and execution. But the tools and incentives to change business processes have been lacking—until now.

XVELA is a new company that utilizes the legacy of Navis PowerStow vessel stowage solution to provide a transformative, cloud-based collaboration platform and network for ocean carriers and terminal operators. XVELA enables its users to easily connect and coordinate vessel stowage planning and execution activities, resulting in reduced vessel operation and terminal costs and improved utilization of critical crane, vessel and manpower resources. For more information, visit www.xvela.com.

Christopher Mazza
T+1 510 267 5000

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