XVELA Announces Three New Customers at Navis World 2015

New Lighthouse Account & Release of XVELA Terminal Library Demonstrates Market Adoption & Momentum for the Cloud-based Vessel Stowage Collaboration Platform

Oakland, CA—March 31, 2015 — XVELA, a Navis company and a cloud-based vessel stowage and collaboration platform for ocean carriers and terminal operators, today announced at Navis World 2015 that it has signed three new customers —Dalian Jifa Bohai Container Lines (Dalian), Ocean Africa Container Line (OACL) and Simatech Shipping LLC. XVELA has also unveiled its first lighthouse account with current PowerStow customer Matson Line.

In addition, XVELA has released the first module for the new platform, the XVELA Terminal Library.  The Terminal Library will contain all relevant operational terminal data that enables ocean carriers to efficiently plan and execute stowage activities.  It is accessible online, from all supported devices, to any authorized user and ensures all stakeholders use a common set of data. This will increase the efficiency, accuracy and more importantly the safety of the planning and execution of all stowage related operations.  

In an industry where operational inefficiencies prevent faster movements of ships and cargo, inhibit terminal productivity and contribute to wasteful spending, improved collaboration and visibility between ocean carriers and terminal operators is a must. Understanding that shared, cloud-based solutions will be essential to bridge the gap, Dalian, OACL and Simatech have selected to use PowerStow to optimize container stowage planning and execution. PowerStow, a legacy Navis stowage planning solution and the foundation of the XVELA platform, is currently the only container stowage planning and management system that offers true multi-port vessel stowage planning, integrated strength and stability calculations, and an easy-to-use graphic user interface. As new users of XVELA PowerStow, these ocean carriers will be in a unique position to quickly benefit from the upcoming enhancements to the XVELA platform.  

“These carriers understand that collaboration is critical to improve how they operate and manage their vessel stowage planning and execution, and we are pleased that they have selected PowerStow to help them today and to prepare for added functionality that XVELA will bring,” said Christopher Mazza, vice president and chief customer officer, XVELA.

The new customers have agreed to use XVELA as it continues to evolve, a testament to their belief in the future benefits that the cloud-based platform will bring to them and their terminal operator partners.

“As we continue to grow and expand our services, forward-looking solutions like XVELA will undoubtedly enable our organization to operate more efficiently and profitably in concert with our terminal partners. We look forward to seeing what the platform can do,” said Captain Suhail, Operations Manager, Simatech.

As industry adoption continues, XVELA will continue to enhance the platform based on feedback from customers as well as broader market needs. Matson Line, a new lighthouse account for XVELA and current PowerStow user, announced that it will closely collaborate with XVELA product and engineering teams to help refine the XVELA platform to address business-critical issues that currently have no solution.

“As a long-time PowerStow user, we have seen first-hand the proven benefits that this type of solution delivers,” said Frank Lindsay, General Manager, Fleet Operations for Matson. “We are honored to be an XVELA lighthouse supporter, and we see the solution delivering great value and benefits to Matson and our terminal operator partners.”

“It’s not everyday that customers are able to collaborate directly with their technology partners to influence and help shape future products. At XVELA, we believe this is critical to create a solution that will not only work, but also create a fundamental shift in the way that ocean carriers and terminal operators work together,” said Mazza. “The response to XVELA has been wonderful to date, and we are eager to show the industry what’s to come with the platform.”  

Navis World 2015 participants can learn more about XVELA and the issues related to collaboration for improved stowage efficiency by following Track 5 at the event. They can also sign-up on site for immediate access to the new Terminal Library in the Navis World Technology Exhibition.  For more information on XVELA, please visit www.xvela.com.  


Ocean carriers and terminal operators know that efficiencies can be gained, waste eliminated and revenue increased through better collaboration on vessel stowage planning and execution. But the tools and incentives to change business processes have been lacking—until now.

XVELA is a new company that utilizes the legacy of Navis PowerStow vessel stowage solution to provide a transformative, cloud-based collaboration platform and network for ocean carriers and terminal operators. XVELA enables its users to easily connect and coordinate vessel stowage planning and execution activities, resulting in reduced vessel operation and terminal costs and improved utilization of critical crane, vessel and manpower resources. For more information, visit www.xvela.com.


Christopher Mazza
T+1 510 267 5000

Brittany Bevacqua
+1 212 398 9680

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