TPS and ONE Line Launch XVELA Platform In Valparaíso To Increase Efficiency In Landings

The innovative XVELA collaborative network will have its debut in Valparaíso in the coming days, thanks to South Pacific Terminal Valparaíso (TPS) and Ocean Network Express (ONE), a milestone that will mark a new breakthrough in increasing operational efficiency between a port terminal and a shipping company, pioneers in Chile in the implementation of this technology.

XVELA aims to improve communication on vessel stowage plans between shipping companies and terminal operators, through direct and real-time cloud-based communication, in which maritime operators and terminal operators interact. This application provides a significant improvement in ship planning and stowage of ships.

With information shared and in chat format, XVELA facilitates clear communication between the ship and the terminal to simplify storage planning, and thus have more efficient calls.

Oliver Weinreich, general manager of TPS, said: "We are very honored that ONE has chosen to work with us on this project, in a totally pioneering way in Chile, which at the same time reaffirms our permanent commitment to the competitiveness and port efficiency of Valparaíso. With technological advances such as this one, both the shipping company and the terminal can communicate in a much more fluid and instantaneous way, in key aspects for operational coordination. "

Paulo Biazotti, Vice President LAWC - ONE Line, said that "our focus is to offer a superior service to our customers, and XVELA provides us with functions that allow a better integration between the shipping company and the terminal, which means a better planning of our ships. We chose TPS for this project because of its proactivity in offering an innovation in a market as traditional as shipping, and because we share with them the approach to customer solutions. "

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