TOC Europe 2016: XVELA CTO Robert Inchausti to present on “The Digitization of Container Trade: Collaborative Platforms & Networks”

From June 14 - 16, 2016, leading port, shipping and supply chain experts will gather in Hamburg to discuss current challenges in the shipping industry and the opportunities and benefits of collaboration within the container supply chain. On Day Two of TOC Europe’s Container Supply Chain (CSC) Conference, Robert Inchausti, Chief Technology Officer of XVELA, will present as part of a panel discussion on "The Digitisation of Container Trade: Collaborative Platforms & Networks.”

Inchausti will discuss how cloud-based collaboration can enable ocean carriers and terminal operators to jointly manage the vessel stowage planning and execution process. Stowage is widely acknowledged as a critical component of the ship-shore supply chain interface, yet remains one of the least effective or efficient processes. XVELA first introduced its “pit stop port” concept at TOC Europe 2015 and since then has secured a number of major terminals and ocean carriers to take part in its pilot phase.

Session Details


Wednesday, June 15th 2016, 09:30 - 10:45
Track: CSC

If ever an industry was a candidate for collaboration, it’s got to be cargo. Supply chain success, and in many cases that of each individual chain member, is highly contingent upon upstream and downstream actions. Replacing fragmented data silos and manual information exchange with digital information hubs connecting multiple parties and processes could have a huge impact on almost every area of logistics and transport.

Of course, all this requires a willingness to share information and to deal with thorny issues of data transparency and ownership.

Throughout the conference, Inchausti will be available at Stand D36 to answer any questions you may have on his presentation and to discuss how XVELA’s cloud-based collaboration platform can bring increased efficiency to stakeholders throughout the container supply chain.

For more information on TOC Europe and to register for the conference, visit their website here.

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