JOC Container Trade Europe Conference: XVELA Executive Moderating Panel on Challenges of Seaports

Oakland, CA—September 23, 2015— Today, top executives from marine container terminals and supply chain experts are gathering in Hamburg to discuss the greatest challenges that the shipping industry is experiencing at this year’s JOC Container Trade Europe Conference. Chris Mazza, VP and Chief Customer Officer at XVELA, a cloud-based vessel stowage and collaboration platform for ocean carriers and terminal operators, will be moderating a panel discussion titled: “Seaports: the Next Great Bottleneck in International Shipping” on Wednesday, September 23, at 3:15 PM CET.  The panel includes industry experts:

·         Dominik Landa, Commercial Director, DCT Gdansk SA

·         Yves Letange, Managing Director Europe, BDP International

·         Andreas Mrozek, Global Head of Marine And Terminal Operations, Hamburg SUD

·         Martina Fontanet, Senior Advisor for Port and Maritime Policy, Competition and Statistics, European Sea Ports Organization

The panel will discuss how the ports are becoming an increasing liability for container shippers. Today’s ports weren’t built for 20,000-TEU ships, and they struggle to handle them. When a port doesn’t handle a ship productively, the vessel encounters delays at subsequent ports, and imports and exports arrive or leave late. In short, that means most of the productivity gains mega-ships achieve at sea unravel during port operations. Some technology is improving the flow of containers in and out of large European ports, but analysts increasingly believe a quantum leap in port productivity is needed or efficiency will deteriorate at ports, leading to further delays for containerized cargo.

Chris Mazza has over 25 years of experience in the container shipping industry and related technology. Prior to joining XVELA Chris was the Chief Commercial Officer of International Asset systems responsible for sales, marketing and business development and has done business with all of the top 20 ocean carriers.

Chris Mazza will be available for interviews throughout the conference, so please reach out to the Brittany Bevacqua,, for any and all inquiries.


XVELA is a new venture that utilizes the legacy of Navis PowerStow vessel stowage solution to provide a transformative, cloud-based collaboration platform and network. XVELA enables carrier and terminal vessel planners to easily connect and coordinate vessel stowage planning and execution activities. The result is reduced vessel operation and terminal costs and improved utilization of critical crane, vessel and manpower resources. For more information about XVELA go to

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