HIT Chooses XVELA Berth Innovation

According to a statement, the network will allow for real-time collaboration between the terminal and the carrier, as well as local agencies. The objective is to increase the service quality to the customer by cutting idle time and improving the use of berth space and associated resources for RIO HAINA, the only multipurpose port terminal in the Dominican Republic and one of the key ports in the Caribbean region.  

Haina International Terminals (HIT) implemented @xvelaconnect’s #Collaborative Berth Window Management #application. Find out how this application helps carriers, #terminals, agents and port authorities #optimize their #operations. #ForgingtheFuturehttps://t.co/yQSm9BVkQI pic.twitter.com/Mays5Ybuzk

— XVELA (@xvelaconnect) July 17, 2019

It has come about due to supply chain pressure and the increasing need for supply chain predictability, as well as creating greater certainty around the berth time of a container ship.

Many terminals create their berthing prospects according to the long-term schedules provided by the carriers, but the reality of daily business, such as adverse weather conditions, breakdowns, operational issues and a lack of visibility force both parties these berthing prospects for almost all ship calls.

The Collaborative Berth Tool application provides real-time visibility and estimated time of arrival (ETA) values aligned with validated berth prospects.

It also enables ocean carriers to determine their navigational routes and the speed required by their vessels, consequently optimizing fuel consumption.

Real-time collaboration between the terminal, local agents and carriers using the same platform increases the service quality provided to the customer and improves the use of berth space and related stowage decisions while reducing idle time.

Armando Rivas, VP of Operations, HIT, spoke of the opportunities the network provides: “With XVELA we will be able to allocate the resources to operate all the vessels in an efficient environment to boost both productivity and revenue.

“XVELA’s Collaborative Berth Tool application will help us deliver forward in time to local agents and line carriers whether we can receive vessels at a specific date and time and give them options as to when will be better for them to arrive to avoid delays and costs.

“We will be able to better allocate and plan for resources at the terminal to maximize our assets and investments.”

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