Transforming the container supply chain

XVELA builds integrated cloud applications for the container shipping industry, the backbone of global trade that transports over 90% of the world’s goods.


Connecting processes and players

XVELA provides a transformative Maritime Business Network that connects planning processes and players across the container supply chain, driving transparency, efficiency, and profitability to ocean carriers and terminal operators.

Using shared, real-time data, XVELA delivers the vital information stakeholders need, right when they need it. So all parties can make more informed decisions, capitalize on new opportunities, and deliver better service across the container flow.


We know the shipping industry

Backed by Navis, the leading provider of software and services for terminal operators and ocean carriers, XVELA operates as an independent entity focused on enabling collaboration and operational visibility. We have a unique combination of deep shipping industry knowledge and cutting-edge technology expertise.


A culture of collaboration

At XVELA, we're always looking for bright, top-tier candidates who thrive on challenge, innovation and the opportunity to see their hard work result in industry-changing products, business growth, and happy customers. Our product is based on collaboration and so is our culture: we work closely with our colleagues and customers around the world to build a more connected supply chain.


We’re changing the conversation

XVELA’s solutions address the $10B worth of inefficiencies caused by the lack of transparency and connectivity between the various players in the ocean supply chain. We’re changing the conversation between terminal operators and ocean carriers, and the industry is taking notice.


Connecting processes and players

An exchange.
A meeting point.
A coming together.
X marks the spot.

The Latin name for the sails of a ship. Also the plural of “velum,” which in meteorological terms is a type of cloud.

Our name represents the point where modern cloud technology meets maritime industry need. Using cloud technology, XVELA brings together shared, integrated data and partner collaboration to drive new efficiencies throughout the ocean supply chain.

Oh, and it’s pronounced ex-VEL-a.